Medical construction and design was for a long time rather stagnant, but recent trends have made this segment of the commercial construction industry much more inspiring and interesting than in years past.

With an emphasis on modern flair and visually appealing and functional workspaces, medical facilities are much more than the drab, dull buildings of the past.

In all areas of the United States, these spaces are coming alive with color and with the use of other elements like nature and sustainable features. It’s a trend that will hopefully continue for many years to come.

So what exactly are the top trends in medical construction and design for 2023? Let’s take a look at four of our favorites

Incorporating Nature

Over the last few years, more medical spaces have been designed with the integration of nature front and center. This makes for a much more relaxing environment in a space that can often be filled with stress and fear.

Nature can be infused via several methods in a medical office building, including by adding large windows to view the outdoors and bring an abundance of natural light inside, as well as implementing nature-themed artwork and even adding bio areas and green space to office buildings.

Using nature and nature-related themes can increase the mood of not only patients, but of healthcare workers as well. And a happy workplace is a functional workplace.

Private Waiting Areas

More of an emphasis is being placed these days on making waiting rooms more comfortable and relaxing. Going to the doctor is stressful enough; the waiting room shouldn’t add to those stress levels.

Private waiting areas are being updated these days to include multiple sitting areas, charging stations, high-backed chairs and much more, all with a goal of making patients and guests feel much more at ease while waiting to see the doctor.

Adaptable Spaces

Definitely a modern convenience, spaces within healthcare facilities are these days being designed with multiple uses in mind.

Examples of this design technique include creating patient rooms that can also double as operating rooms and incorporating sleeper sofas in rooms so family members can be more comfortable while waiting with their loved ones.

This not only makes the space much more user-friendly, but it also helps with both patient and visitor morale. 

This is definitely a welcomed approach to medical facility design in recent years and has helped make patients and their families feel more at ease when visiting their chosen health care facilities.

Using Sustainable Materials and Practices

Many more medical facilities are incorporating sustainable materials into their latest renovations and design work, with a goal of decreasing a building’s carbon footprint.

This is done both by using eco-friendly materials and finding new and innovative ways to save things like water and electricity, especially in larger buildings like hospitals and other healthcare facilities.

Solar panels, geo-thermal heating and other environmentally friendly techniques also go a long way to achieving these goals of sustainability and care for the environment.

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