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At MPS Construction & Design of San Antonio, we truly are a family. As a small, family-owned business in southern Texas, our greatest asset is our employees and the value and service they give to our growing list of valued clients.

Our employees love working for us because of the family atmosphere we strive to create every day at MPS Construction & Design. From 401(k) to paid vacation and quality health insurance, keeping our employees happy allows them to make our clients happy.

At the end of the day, happy people create happy projects. And that’s helped MPS Construction & Design become one of the most reputable commercial construction companies in southern Texas.

We welcome construction science majors from the University of Texas at San Antonio every year and cherish the opportunity to give them real world experience in the industry. Some of these students remain with us after graduation, some don’t. But they all leave MPS with the knowledge they need to become successful in the industry.

Although we’re a small company by industry standards, many of our employees have come to us from larger companies and have decades of experience in commercial construction. There’s a lot of combined knowledge on our team and we put that to work every day for our clients.

Working With Excellence

Everyone on our staff works together to create a quality product and we don’t stop until our clients are happy and satisfied.

So that’s our philosophy at MPS Construction & Design of San Antonio. Let’s talk today about how you can become a part of our growing family in southern Texas.

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